Cities in Sudan

Time sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and time differences

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Abu JibehaSun Moon
Abū ZabadSun Moon
Ad DindarSun Moon
Ad-DamazinSun Moon
Ad DouiemSun Moon
Al HasaheisaSun Moon
Al HilāliyyaSun Moon
Al ManāqilSun Moon
Al MijladSun Moon
Al QadarifSun Moon
Al QiţenaSun Moon
Al ḨawātahSun Moon
An NuhūdSun Moon
Ar RahadSun Moon
Ar RuserisSun Moon
As SūkīSun Moon
AtbaraSun Moon
BerberSun Moon
BārahSun Moon
DillingSun Moon
DokaSun Moon
Ed DamerSun Moon
El BaugaSun Moon
El DaeinSun Moon
El FasherSun Moon
El ObeidSun Moon
GeneinaSun Moon
KadugliSun Moon
KassalaSun Moon
KhartoumSun Moon
KinānaSun Moon
KostiSun Moon
KuraymahSun Moon
MaiurnoSun Moon
OmdurmanSun Moon
Port SudanSun Moon
RabakSun Moon
SawākinSun Moon
ShendiSun Moon
SinjaSun Moon
SinnarSun Moon
TandaltīSun Moon
TokārSun Moon
Umm RuwabaSun Moon
Wad MedaniSun Moon
ZalingeiSun Moon