Cities in Oman

Time sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and time differences

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Time sunrise and sunset - Time sunrise and sunset
Time moonrise and moonset - Time moonrise and moonset

Al BuraymīSun Moon
Al KhābūrahSun Moon
Al Liwā’Sun Moon
Al SoharSun Moon
As SuwayqSun Moon
As Sīb al JadīdahSun Moon
BadīyahSun Moon
Bahlā’Sun Moon
Barkā’Sun Moon
BawsharSun Moon
BidbidSun Moon
Ibrā’Sun Moon
IzkīSun Moon
KhaşabSun Moon
MuscatSun Moon
NizwáSun Moon
RustaqSun Moon
ShināşSun Moon
Sufālat Samā’ilSun Moon
YanqulSun Moon
‘IbrīSun Moon
ŞalālahSun Moon
ŞaḩamSun Moon
ĀdamSun Moon
ŞūrSun Moon