Cities in Nigeria

Time sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and time differences

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Time sunrise and sunset - Time sunrise and sunset
Time moonrise and moonset - Time moonrise and moonset

AbakalikiSun Moon
AbeokutaSun Moon
AbujaSun Moon
Ado OdoSun Moon
Ado-EkitiSun Moon
AfikpoSun Moon
AgborSun Moon
AguluSun Moon
AjaokutaSun Moon
AkureSun Moon
AkwangaSun Moon
AmaigboSun Moon
AnchauSun Moon
ApomuSun Moon
Araomoko EkitiSun Moon
ArgunguSun Moon
AsabaSun Moon
AuchiSun Moon
AwguSun Moon
AwkaSun Moon
AzareSun Moon
BabanaSun Moon
BadagrySun Moon
BamaSun Moon
BaroSun Moon
BauchiSun Moon
BeliSun Moon
BendeSun Moon
Benin CitySun Moon
BidaSun Moon
BiliriSun Moon
Birnin KebbiSun Moon
Birnin KuduSun Moon
Bode SaduSun Moon
BonnySun Moon
BugumaSun Moon
BukuruSun Moon
BurutuSun Moon
CalabarSun Moon
DamaturuSun Moon
DamboaSun Moon
DarazoSun Moon
DauraSun Moon
Deba HabeSun Moon
Degema HulkSun Moon
DikwaSun Moon
DomaSun Moon
DukkuSun Moon
Dutsen WaiSun Moon
DutseSun Moon
Ebute IkoroduSun Moon
EffiumSun Moon
Effon AlaiyeSun Moon
EgbeSun Moon
Eha AmufuSun Moon
EjigboSun Moon
EketSun Moon
EkpomaSun Moon
EleleSun Moon
Emure-EkitiSun Moon
Enugu-EzikeSun Moon
EnuguSun Moon
Enugu-UkwuSun Moon
Esuk OronSun Moon
Ezza OhuSun Moon
FiditiSun Moon
FuntuaSun Moon
GambaruSun Moon
GanyeSun Moon
GarkoSun Moon
GashuaSun Moon
GayaSun Moon
GbonganSun Moon
GeidamSun Moon
GembuSun Moon
GombeSun Moon
GumelSun Moon
GummiSun Moon
GusauSun Moon
GwadabawaSun Moon
GwaramSun Moon
GwarzoSun Moon
GwozaSun Moon
HadejiaSun Moon
IbadanSun Moon
IbetoSun Moon
IdahSun Moon
IdanreSun Moon
Igbara-OdoSun Moon
IgbetiSun Moon
IgbohoSun Moon
IgborSun Moon
Igbo OraSun Moon
Igbo-UkwuSun Moon
Igede-EkitiSun Moon
IhialaSun Moon
Ijebu-IgboSun Moon
Ijebu IjeshaSun Moon
Ijebu-OdeSun Moon
Ijero-EkitiSun Moon
IkejaSun Moon
IkerreSun Moon
IkireSun Moon
IkirunSun Moon
IkomSun Moon
Ikot-EkpeneSun Moon
IlaroSun Moon
Ila OrangunSun Moon
IlesaSun Moon
IllelaSun Moon
IlobuSun Moon
IlorinSun Moon
InisaSun Moon
IperuSun Moon
IpotiSun Moon
Isanlu ItedoijowaSun Moon
Ise-EkitiSun Moon
IsiekeSun Moon
JalingoSun Moon
JebbaSun Moon
JegaSun Moon
JimetaSun Moon
KabbaSun Moon
KachiaSun Moon
KadunaSun Moon
KafachanSun Moon
KagoroSun Moon
KaiamaSun Moon
KambaSun Moon
KanoSun Moon
KariSun Moon
KatsinaSun Moon
Katsina AlaSun Moon
Kaura NamodaSun Moon
KeffiSun Moon
KishiSun Moon
KiyawaSun Moon
KontagoraSun Moon
KujeSun Moon
KukawaSun Moon
KumagunnamSun Moon
KumoSun Moon
KwaleSun Moon
LafiagiSun Moon
LafiaSun Moon
LagosSun Moon
LaluponSun Moon
LapaiSun Moon
LereSun Moon
Little GombiSun Moon
LokojaSun Moon
MagumeriSun Moon
MaiduguriSun Moon
MakokoSun Moon
MakurdiSun Moon
MalumfashiSun Moon
MarteSun Moon
MinnaSun Moon
ModakekeSun Moon
MokwaSun Moon
MongonuSun Moon
MorikiSun Moon
MubiSun Moon
NafadaSun Moon
NassarawaSun Moon
NguruSun Moon
NkporSun Moon
NkwerreSun Moon
NnewiSun Moon
NsukkaSun Moon
NumanSun Moon
ObonomaSun Moon
ObuduSun Moon
OffaSun Moon
OgaminanSun Moon
OgojaSun Moon
OgutaSun Moon
Ogwashi-UkuSun Moon
Ohafia-IfighSun Moon
Oke IlaSun Moon
Oke MesiSun Moon
OkigwiSun Moon
OkrikaSun Moon
OkutaSun Moon
OluponaSun Moon
OndoSun Moon
OnitshaSun Moon
Orita EruwaSun Moon
OsogboSun Moon
Otan AiyegbajuSun Moon
OtukpaSun Moon
OwerriSun Moon
OyanSun Moon
OzubuluSun Moon
PankshinSun Moon
PategiSun Moon
PindigaSun Moon
Port HarcourtSun Moon
PotiskumSun Moon
RanoSun Moon
RijauSun Moon
SakiSun Moon
SapeleSun Moon
ShagamuSun Moon
SobaSun Moon
Sofo-Birnin-GwariSun Moon
SokotoSun Moon
SulejaSun Moon
TakumSun Moon
Talata MafaraSun Moon
TambawelSun Moon
TeginaSun Moon
UbiajaSun Moon
UgepSun Moon
UghelliSun Moon
UmuahiaSun Moon
UromiSun Moon
WambaSun Moon
WarriSun Moon
WudilSun Moon
WukariSun Moon
YenagoaSun Moon
YolaSun Moon
ZariaSun Moon
ZungeruSun Moon
ZuruSun Moon