Cities in Libya

Time sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and time differences

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Time sunrise and sunset - Time sunrise and sunset
Time moonrise and moonset - Time moonrise and moonset

AjdabiyaSun Moon
Al AbyārSun Moon
Al Bayḑā’Sun Moon
Al JadīdSun Moon
Al JawfSun Moon
Al KhumsSun Moon
Al KufrahSun Moon
Al MarjSun Moon
Al QubbahSun Moon
At TājSun Moon
AwbārīSun Moon
Az ZintānSun Moon
Az ZuwaytīnahSun Moon
Az ZāwīyahSun Moon
Banī WalīdSun Moon
BenghaziSun Moon
BirākSun Moon
DarnahSun Moon
GharyanSun Moon
GhātSun Moon
HūnSun Moon
MasallātahSun Moon
MizdahSun Moon
MişrātahSun Moon
MurzuqSun Moon
NālūtSun Moon
SabhāSun Moon
SirteSun Moon
SulūqSun Moon
TagiuraSun Moon
TarhunaSun Moon
TobrukSun Moon
TripoliSun Moon
TūkrahSun Moon
WaddānSun Moon
YafranSun Moon
ZalţanSun Moon
ZawiyaSun Moon
ZlitenSun Moon
ZuwārahSun Moon
ŞabrātahSun Moon
ŞurmānSun Moon