Cities in Kenya

Time sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and time differences

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Time sunrise and sunset - Time sunrise and sunset
Time moonrise and moonset - Time moonrise and moonset

Athi RiverSun Moon
BungomaSun Moon
BusiaSun Moon
EldoretSun Moon
EmbuSun Moon
GarissaSun Moon
Homa BaySun Moon
IsioloSun Moon
KabarnetSun Moon
KakamegaSun Moon
KapenguriaSun Moon
KaruriSun Moon
KerichoSun Moon
KeruguyaSun Moon
KiambuSun Moon
KilifiSun Moon
KisiiSun Moon
KisumuSun Moon
KitaleSun Moon
KituiSun Moon
LamuSun Moon
LodwarSun Moon
LuguluSun Moon
MachakosSun Moon
MakueniSun Moon
MalindiSun Moon
ManderaSun Moon
MaralalSun Moon
MarsabitSun Moon
MbaleSun Moon
MeruSun Moon
MigoriSun Moon
MoloSun Moon
MombasaSun Moon
MoyaleSun Moon
MuhoroniSun Moon
MumiasSun Moon
NairobiSun Moon
NaivashaSun Moon
NakuruSun Moon
NanyukiSun Moon
NarokSun Moon
NyahururuSun Moon
NyeriSun Moon
Ol KalouSun Moon
PumwaniSun Moon
RongaiSun Moon
SiayaSun Moon
ThikaSun Moon
WajirSun Moon
WebuyeSun Moon