Cities in Japan

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Time sunrise and sunset - Time sunrise and sunset
Time moonrise and moonset - Time moonrise and moonset

AbashiriSun Moon
AbikoSun Moon
Adachi-kuSun Moon
AgeoshimoSun Moon
Aioi-shiSun Moon
AkashiSun Moon
Akiruno-shiSun Moon
Akita ShiSun Moon
AkitaSun Moon
AkuneSun Moon
AkōSun Moon
AmagasakiSun Moon
AmagiSun Moon
AnanSun Moon
AnjōSun Moon
AnnakaSun Moon
Aomori ShiSun Moon
AraiSun Moon
Arakawa-kuSun Moon
AsahikawaSun Moon
AsahiSun Moon
AsakaSun Moon
AshibetsuSun Moon
AshikagaSun Moon
AshiyaSun Moon
AtamiSun Moon
AtsugiSun Moon
AyabeSun Moon
BeppuSun Moon
BibaiSun Moon
BihoroSun Moon
Bungo-Takada-shiSun Moon
Bunkyō-kuSun Moon
BuzenSun Moon
ChatanSun Moon
ChibaSun Moon
ChichibuSun Moon
ChigasakiSun Moon
Chikushino-shiSun Moon
ChinoSun Moon
ChiryūSun Moon
ChitoseSun Moon
Chiyoda-kuSun Moon
ChōfugaokaSun Moon
Chūō-kuSun Moon
DaigoSun Moon
DaitōSun Moon
DateSun Moon
DazaifuSun Moon
EbetsuSun Moon
Edogawa-kuSun Moon
EdosakiSun Moon
EnzanSun Moon
FuchūchōSun Moon
FuchūSun Moon
FujiedaSun Moon
FujikawaguchikoSun Moon
FujinomiyaSun Moon
FujiokaSun Moon
FujisawaSun Moon
FujishiroSun Moon
FujiSun Moon
FukagawaSun Moon
FukayaSun Moon
FukiageSun Moon
FukuchiyamaSun Moon
FukuechōSun Moon
Fukui-shiSun Moon
FukumaSun Moon
FukumitsuSun Moon
Fukuoka-shiSun Moon
FukuraSun Moon
FukuroiSun Moon
Fukushima-shiSun Moon
FukuyamaSun Moon
FunabashiSun Moon
FunaishikawaSun Moon
FunehikiSun Moon
FurukawaSun Moon
FussaSun Moon
FuttsuSun Moon
GamagōriSun Moon
Gifu-shiSun Moon
GinowanSun Moon
GobōSun Moon
GojōSun Moon
GosenSun Moon
GoseSun Moon
GoshogawaraSun Moon
GotembaSun Moon
GujōSun Moon
GushikawaSun Moon
GyōdaSun Moon
GōdoSun Moon
GōtsuchōSun Moon
HachinoheSun Moon
HachiōjiSun Moon
HadanoSun Moon
HaebaruSun Moon
HagiSun Moon
HaibaraSun Moon
HakodateSun Moon
HakuiSun Moon
HamadaSun Moon
HamakitaSun Moon
HamamatsuSun Moon
HamanoichiSun Moon
HanamakiSun Moon
HandaSun Moon
HannōSun Moon
HanyūSun Moon
HasakiSun Moon
HashimotoSun Moon
HasudaSun Moon
Hatogaya-honchōSun Moon
HatsukaichiSun Moon
HayamaSun Moon
HekinanSun Moon
Higashimurayama-shiSun Moon
HigashineSun Moon
HijiSun Moon
HikariSun Moon
HikoneSun Moon
HimejiSun Moon
HimiSun Moon
HinoSun Moon
HiradoSun Moon
HirakataSun Moon
HiraraSun Moon
HiratachōSun Moon
HiratsukaSun Moon
HirosakiSun Moon
Hiroshima-shiSun Moon
HisaiSun Moon
Hitachi-NakaSun Moon
HitachiSun Moon
HitaSun Moon
HitoyoshiSun Moon
HobaraSun Moon
HondoSun Moon
HonjōSun Moon
HotakaSun Moon
HōfuSun Moon
HōjōSun Moon
IbarakiSun Moon
IbaraSun Moon
IbusukiSun Moon
IchiharaSun Moon
IchikawaSun Moon
IchinoheSun Moon
IchinomiyaSun Moon
IchinosekiSun Moon
IidaSun Moon
IiyamaSun Moon
IizukaSun Moon
IjūinSun Moon
IkedaSun Moon
IkomaSun Moon
ImaichiSun Moon
ImariSun Moon
InashikiSun Moon
InawashiroSun Moon
InazawaSun Moon
InnoshimaSun Moon
InuyamaSun Moon
IsahayaSun Moon
IsawaSun Moon
IseharaSun Moon
IsesakiSun Moon
IshigakiSun Moon
IshigeSun Moon
IshiiSun Moon
IshikariSun Moon
IshikawaSun Moon
IshikiSun Moon
IshinomakiSun Moon
IshiokaSun Moon
Itabashi-kuSun Moon
ItakoSun Moon
ItamiSun Moon
ItoigawaSun Moon
ItomanSun Moon
ItsukaichiSun Moon
ItōSun Moon
IwadeSun Moon
IwaiSun Moon
IwakiSun Moon
IwakuniSun Moon
IwakuraSun Moon
IwamizawaSun Moon
IwanaiSun Moon
IwanumaSun Moon
IwaseSun Moon
IwataSun Moon
IwatsukiSun Moon
IzumiōtsuSun Moon
IzumiSun Moon
IzumoSun Moon
JōetsuSun Moon
KadomaSun Moon
Kagoshima-shiSun Moon
KainanSun Moon
KaitaSun Moon
KaizukaSun Moon
KajikiSun Moon
KakamigaharaSun Moon
KakegawaSun Moon
KakogawaSun Moon
KakudaSun Moon
Kamagaya-shiSun Moon
KamaishiSun Moon
KamakuraSun Moon
KamedaSun Moon
KameokaSun Moon
KameyamaSun Moon
KamifukuokaSun Moon
Kamigyō-kuSun Moon
KamiichiSun Moon
KamiisoSun Moon
KaminokawaSun Moon
KaminoyamaSun Moon
KamirenjakuSun Moon
KamogataSun Moon
KamojimaSun Moon
KamoSun Moon
KanayaSun Moon
Kanazawa-shiSun Moon
KandaSun Moon
KanekoSun Moon
KanieSun Moon
Kannabechō-yahiroSun Moon
KanonjiSun Moon
KanoyaSun Moon
KanumaSun Moon
KanzakiSun Moon
KarasuyamaSun Moon
KaratsuSun Moon
KariyaSun Moon
KasamatsuchōSun Moon
KasamaSun Moon
KasaokaSun Moon
Kaseda-shirakameSun Moon
Kashihara-shiSun Moon
KashiharaSun Moon
KashimaSun Moon
Kashima-shiSun Moon
KashiwazakiSun Moon
KashiwaSun Moon
KasugaiSun Moon
KasukabeSun Moon
Katori-shiSun Moon
Katsushika-kuSun Moon
KatsutaSun Moon
KatsuuraSun Moon
KatsuyamaSun Moon
KawageSun Moon
KawagoeSun Moon
KawaguchiSun Moon
KawanishiSun Moon
KawanoeSun Moon
KawasakiSun Moon
KazoSun Moon
KazunoSun Moon
KikuchiSun Moon
KimitsuSun Moon
KiryūSun Moon
KisaiSun Moon
KisarazuSun Moon
KishiwadaSun Moon
KitahamaSun Moon
KitahiroshimaSun Moon
KitaibarakiSun Moon
KitakamiSun Moon
KitakataSun Moon
KitakyūshūSun Moon
KitamiSun Moon
Kita-kuSun Moon
KitsukiSun Moon
KobayashiSun Moon
KodairaSun Moon
KodamaSun Moon
KoganeiSun Moon
KogaSun Moon
KogotaSun Moon
KokubunjiSun Moon
Kokubu-matsukiSun Moon
KomaeSun Moon
KomakiSun Moon
KomatsushimachōSun Moon
KomatsuSun Moon
KomonoSun Moon
KomoroSun Moon
Kosai-shiSun Moon
KoshigayaSun Moon
KosugiSun Moon
Kozakai-chōSun Moon
KudamatsuSun Moon
KukichūōSun Moon
KumagayaSun Moon
Kumamoto-shiSun Moon
Kunisaki-shiSun Moon
KunitachiSun Moon
KurashikiSun Moon
KurayoshiSun Moon
KureSun Moon
KurihashiSun Moon
KurodaSun Moon
KuroishiSun Moon
KuroisoSun Moon
KurumeSun Moon
KusatsuSun Moon
KushikinoSun Moon
KushimaSun Moon
KushiroSun Moon
KuwanaSun Moon
KyotoSun Moon
Kōbe-shiSun Moon
Kōchi-shiSun Moon
Kōfu-shiSun Moon
KōnanSun Moon
KōnosuSun Moon
KōriyamaSun Moon
Kōtō-kuSun Moon
MachidaSun Moon
MaebaruSun Moon
Maebashi-shiSun Moon
MaizuruSun Moon
MakabeSun Moon
MakiSun Moon
MakubetsuSun Moon
MakurazakiSun Moon
MarugameSun Moon
MarukoSun Moon
MarumoriSun Moon
MaruokaSun Moon
Masaki-chōSun Moon
MashikoSun Moon
MasudaSun Moon
MatsubaraSun Moon
MatsubaseSun Moon
MatsudoSun Moon
Matsue-shiSun Moon
MatsumotoSun Moon
MatsushimaSun Moon
MatsutōSun Moon
Matsuyama-shiSun Moon
MatsuzakaSun Moon
Meguro-kuSun Moon
MenumaSun Moon
MibuSun Moon
MiharaSun Moon
MiharuSun Moon
MikiSun Moon
MikuniSun Moon
MinakuchiSun Moon
MinamataSun Moon
Minami-rinkanSun Moon
Minato-kuSun Moon
MinokamoSun Moon
MinoSun Moon
MisawaSun Moon
MishimaSun Moon
Mitaka-shiSun Moon
MitakeSun Moon
Mito-shiSun Moon
MitsukaidōSun Moon
MitsukeSun Moon
MiuraSun Moon
MiyadaSun Moon
MiyakonojōSun Moon
MiyakoSun Moon
Miyazaki-shiSun Moon
MiyazuSun Moon
MiyoshiSun Moon
MizunamiSun Moon
MizusawaSun Moon
MobaraSun Moon
MombetsuSun Moon
MookaSun Moon
MoriguchiSun Moon
Morioka-shiSun Moon
MoriyamaSun Moon
MoriyaSun Moon
MoriSun Moon
MorohongōSun Moon
MotegiSun Moon
MotomiyaSun Moon
MuikamachiSun Moon
MukōSun Moon
MurakamiSun Moon
MuramatsuSun Moon
MuroranSun Moon
Muroto-misakichoSun Moon
MusashinoSun Moon
MutsuSun Moon
NabariSun Moon
NagahamaSun Moon
NagaiSun Moon
Nagano-shiSun Moon
NagaokaSun Moon
NagareyamaSun Moon
Nagasaki-shiSun Moon
NagatoSun Moon
Nagoya-shiSun Moon
NagoSun Moon
Naha-shiSun Moon
NakamaSun Moon
NakamuraSun Moon
NakanojōSun Moon
NakanoSun Moon
Nakano-kuSun Moon
NakatsugawaSun Moon
NakatsuSun Moon
NakaSun Moon
NamerikawaSun Moon
NamieSun Moon
NamiokaSun Moon
NanaeSun Moon
NanaoSun Moon
Nanto-shiSun Moon
NarashinoSun Moon
Nara-shiSun Moon
NaritaSun Moon
NarutoSun Moon
NarutōSun Moon
NayoroSun Moon
NazeSun Moon
NemuroSun Moon
Nerima-kuSun Moon
NeyagawaSun Moon
NichinanSun Moon
NihommatsuSun Moon
Niigata-shiSun Moon
NiihamaSun Moon
NiimiSun Moon
NiitsuSun Moon
NikkōSun Moon
NinomiyaSun Moon
NirasakiSun Moon
NishinomiyaSun Moon
NishinoomoteSun Moon
NishioSun Moon
NishiwakiSun Moon
Nishi-Tokyo-shiSun Moon
NobeokaSun Moon
NodaSun Moon
NonoichiSun Moon
NoshiroSun Moon
NumataSun Moon
NumazuSun Moon
NyūzenSun Moon
NōgataSun Moon
ObamaSun Moon
ObanazawaSun Moon
ObihiroSun Moon
ObitaSun Moon
OdawaraSun Moon
OgawaSun Moon
Ogōri-shimogōSun Moon
OjiyaSun Moon
Okayama-shiSun Moon
OkayaSun Moon
OkazakiSun Moon
OkegawaSun Moon
OkinawaSun Moon
OkunoyaSun Moon
OmigawaSun Moon
OnodaSun Moon
OnomichiSun Moon
OtaruSun Moon
OtofukeSun Moon
OwaseSun Moon
OyamaSun Moon
RifuSun Moon
RumoiSun Moon
RyōtsuSun Moon
RyūgasakiSun Moon
RyūōSun Moon
SabaeSun Moon
SagaeSun Moon
SagamiharaSun Moon
SagaraSun Moon
Saga-shiSun Moon
SaijōSun Moon
SaikiSun Moon
SaitamaSun Moon
SakadoSun Moon
SakaideSun Moon
SakaiminatoSun Moon
SakaiSun Moon
SakataSun Moon
SakuraiSun Moon
SakuraSun Moon
SakuSun Moon
SandaSun Moon
SanjōSun Moon
SanoSun Moon
SapporoSun Moon
SasaguriSun Moon
SasayamaSun Moon
SaseboSun Moon
SatsumasendaiSun Moon
SatteSun Moon
SawaraSun Moon
SayamaSun Moon
SendaiSun Moon
Sendai-shiSun Moon
SetakaSun Moon
SetoSun Moon
ShibataSun Moon
ShibetsuSun Moon
ShibukawaSun Moon
ShibushiSun Moon
Shibuya-kuSun Moon
ShidoSun Moon
ShikiSun Moon
ShimabaraSun Moon
ShimadaSun Moon
ShimminatochōSun Moon
ShimminatoSun Moon
ShimodateSun Moon
ShimodaSun Moon
ShimokizukuriSun Moon
ShimonosekiSun Moon
ShimotodaSun Moon
Shimo-furanoSun Moon
Shinagawa-kuSun Moon
ShingūSun Moon
ShinjukuSun Moon
ShinjōSun Moon
ShinshiroSun Moon
Shin’ichiSun Moon
ShiogamaSun Moon
ShiojiriSun Moon
ShiozawaSun Moon
ShirahamaSun Moon
ShiraoiSun Moon
ShiraokaSun Moon
ShiroishiSun Moon
ShiroiSun Moon
ShironeSun Moon
ShisuiSun Moon
ShizukuishiSun Moon
ShizunaiSun Moon
Shizuoka-shiSun Moon
ShōbaraSun Moon
ShōbuSun Moon
SobueSun Moon
Sueyoshichō-ninokataSun Moon
Suginami-kuSun Moon
SugitoSun Moon
SuibaraSun Moon
SuitaSun Moon
SukagawaSun Moon
SukumoSun Moon
Sumida-kuSun Moon
SumotoSun Moon
SunagawaSun Moon
SusakiSun Moon
SuwaSun Moon
SuzakaSun Moon
SuzukaSun Moon
SōjaSun Moon
SōkaSun Moon
TachikawaSun Moon
TadotsuSun Moon
TagawaSun Moon
TaharaSun Moon
Taitō-kuSun Moon
TajimiSun Moon
TakahagiSun Moon
TakahamaSun Moon
TakahashiSun Moon
TakahataSun Moon
TakaishiSun Moon
Takamatsu-shiSun Moon
TakanabeSun Moon
TakanosuSun Moon
TakaokaSun Moon
TakarazukaSun Moon
TakasakiSun Moon
TakatsukiSun Moon
TakayamaSun Moon
TakedamachiSun Moon
TakefuSun Moon
TakeharaSun Moon
TakeoSun Moon
TaketoyoSun Moon
TakikawaSun Moon
TamamuraSun Moon
TamanaSun Moon
TamanoSun Moon
TanabeSun Moon
TanashichōSun Moon
TanumaSun Moon
TanushimaruSun Moon
TaruiSun Moon
TarumizuSun Moon
TatebayashiSun Moon
TateyamaSun Moon
TatsunoSun Moon
TawaramotoSun Moon
TendōSun Moon
TennōSun Moon
TenriSun Moon
TobaSun Moon
TochigiSun Moon
TochioSun Moon
TogitsuSun Moon
TokiSun Moon
TokonameSun Moon
TokorozawaSun Moon
Tokushima-shiSun Moon
TokuyamaSun Moon
TokyoSun Moon
TomakomaiSun Moon
TomigusukuSun Moon
TomiokaSun Moon
TomiyaSun Moon
TomobeSun Moon
TondabayashiSun Moon
TonoshōSun Moon
TorideSun Moon
Toshima-kuSun Moon
TosuSun Moon
TottoriSun Moon
Toyama-shiSun Moon
ToyohamaSun Moon
ToyohashiSun Moon
ToyokawaSun Moon
ToyonakaSun Moon
ToyookaSun Moon
ToyoshinaSun Moon
ToyotaSun Moon
TsubameSun Moon
TsubataSun Moon
TsukawakiSun Moon
TsukubaSun Moon
TsukumiSun Moon
TsumaSun Moon
TsurugaSun Moon
TsurugiSun Moon
TsuruokaSun Moon
TsurusakiSun Moon
TsushimaSun Moon
TsuyamaSun Moon
Tsu-shiSun Moon
TōbetsuSun Moon
TōganeSun Moon
TōkamachiSun Moon
TōnoSun Moon
UedaSun Moon
UekiSun Moon
UenoharaSun Moon
UenoSun Moon
UjiieSun Moon
UozuSun Moon
UrayasuSun Moon
UreshinoSun Moon
UshibukaSun Moon
UshikuSun Moon
UsukiSun Moon
Utsunomiya-shiSun Moon
UwajimaSun Moon
Wakayama-shiSun Moon
WakiSun Moon
WakkanaiSun Moon
WakoSun Moon
WakuyaSun Moon
WarabiSun Moon
WatariSun Moon
YachimataSun Moon
YaitaSun Moon
YaizuSun Moon
YamadaSun Moon
Yamagata-shiSun Moon
YamagaSun Moon
Yamaguchi-shiSun Moon
YamasakiSun Moon
YamotoSun Moon
YanagawaSun Moon
YanaiSun Moon
Yashio-shiSun Moon
YashiroSun Moon
YasugichōSun Moon
YasuSun Moon
YatsuoSun Moon
YatsushiroSun Moon
YawataSun Moon
YoichiSun Moon
YokkaichiSun Moon
Yokohama-shiSun Moon
YokosukaSun Moon
YokotemachiSun Moon
YonagoSun Moon
YonezawaSun Moon
YonoSun Moon
YoriiSun Moon
YoshidaSun Moon
YoshiiSun Moon
YoshikawaSun Moon
YotsukaidōSun Moon
YoukaichiSun Moon
YugawaraSun Moon
YukuhashiSun Moon
YuzawaSun Moon
YuzaSun Moon
YōkaichibaSun Moon
YūkiSun Moon
ZamaSun Moon
ZushiSun Moon
ŌamiSun Moon
ŌaraiSun Moon
ŌbuSun Moon
Ōdachō-ōdaSun Moon
ŌdateSun Moon
ŌfunatoSun Moon
ŌgakiSun Moon
ŌharaSun Moon
ŌisoSun Moon
Ōita-shiSun Moon
ŌkawaraSun Moon
ŌkawaSun Moon
ŌkuchiSun Moon
ŌmachiSun Moon
ŌmagariSun Moon
ŌmamaSun Moon
ŌmeSun Moon
ŌmihachimanSun Moon
ŌmiyaSun Moon
ŌmuraSun Moon
ŌmutaSun Moon
ŌnojōSun Moon
Ōno-haraSun Moon
Ōsaka-shiSun Moon
ŌtakeSun Moon
ŌtawaraSun Moon
ŌtaSun Moon
Ōta-kuSun Moon
ŌtsuchiSun Moon
ŌtsukiSun Moon
Ōtsu-shiSun Moon
ŌyamaSun Moon
ŌzuSun Moon