Cities in Iraq

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Abū GhuraybSun Moon
Ad DujaylSun Moon
Ad DīwānīyahSun Moon
Al BaşrahSun Moon
Al Başrat al QadīmahSun Moon
Al FallūjahSun Moon
Al FāwSun Moon
Al HindīyahSun Moon
Al HārithahSun Moon
Al KūtSun Moon
Al Majar al KabirSun Moon
Al Mawşil al JadīdahSun Moon
Al MiqdādīyahSun Moon
Al MishkhābSun Moon
Al MusayyibSun Moon
Al ‘AmārahSun Moon
Al ‘AzīzīyahSun Moon
Al ḨayySun Moon
Al ḨillahSun Moon
An Najaf al AshrafSun Moon
An NāşirīyahSun Moon
Ar RumaythahSun Moon
Ar RuţbahSun Moon
Ash ShaţrahSun Moon
Ash ShāmīyahSun Moon
As SamawahSun Moon
As SulaymānīyahSun Moon
Az ZubayrSun Moon
Aş ŞuwayrahSun Moon
BaghdadSun Moon
BaladSun Moon
BaqubahSun Moon
BayjīSun Moon
ChamchamālSun Moon
DihokSun Moon
ErbilSun Moon
HītSun Moon
Imam QasimSun Moon
KarbalaSun Moon
KhālişSun Moon
KifrīSun Moon
KirkukSun Moon
KoysinceqSun Moon
MandalīSun Moon
MosulSun Moon
Nahiyat GhammasSun Moon
Nāḩiyat al FuhūdSun Moon
Nāḩiyat ash ShināfīyahSun Moon
Nāḩīyat Saddat al HindīyahSun Moon
PaynjuwaynSun Moon
Qaḑā’ al ḨamdānīyahSun Moon
Qaḑā’ TalkīfSun Moon
RamadiSun Moon
RāwahSun Moon
RāwandūzSun Moon
SinjārSun Moon
SīnahSun Moon
Sāmarrā’Sun Moon
TikrītSun Moon
TozkhurmatoSun Moon
Umm QaşrSun Moon
ZākhūSun Moon
ḨadīthahSun Moon
‘AfakSun Moon
‘Alī al GharbīSun Moon
‘Anat al QadīmahSun Moon
ḨalabjahSun Moon