Cities in Bulgaria

Time sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and time differences

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Time sunrise and sunset - Time sunrise and sunset
Time moonrise and moonset - Time moonrise and moonset

AsenovgradSun Moon
AytosSun Moon
BerkovitsaSun Moon
BlagoevgradSun Moon
BotevgradSun Moon
BurgasSun Moon
Cherven BryagSun Moon
ChirpanSun Moon
DimitrovgradSun Moon
DobrichSun Moon
DupnitsaSun Moon
GabrovoSun Moon
Gorna OryakhovitsaSun Moon
Gotse DelchevSun Moon
HaskovoSun Moon
KarlovoSun Moon
KarnobatSun Moon
KazanlŭkSun Moon
KharmanliSun Moon
KyustendilSun Moon
KŭrdzhaliSun Moon
LovechSun Moon
MontanaSun Moon
Nova ZagoraSun Moon
PanagyurishteSun Moon
PazardzhikSun Moon
PernikSun Moon
PeshteraSun Moon
PetrichSun Moon
PlevenSun Moon
PlovdivSun Moon
PopovoSun Moon
RakovskiSun Moon
RazgradSun Moon
RuseSun Moon
SamokovSun Moon
SandanskiSun Moon
SevlievoSun Moon
ShumenSun Moon
SilistraSun Moon
SlivenSun Moon
SmolyanSun Moon
SofiaSun Moon
Stara ZagoraSun Moon
SvilengradSun Moon
SvishtovSun Moon
TargovishteSun Moon
TroyanSun Moon
VarnaSun Moon
Veliko TŭrnovoSun Moon
VelingradSun Moon
VidinSun Moon
VratsaSun Moon
YambolSun Moon