Cities in Belarus

Time sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and time differences

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Time sunrise and sunset - Time sunrise and sunset
Time moonrise and moonset - Time moonrise and moonset

AsipovichySun Moon
BabruyskSun Moon
BaranavichySun Moon
BrestSun Moon
ByarozaSun Moon
BykhawSun Moon
DobrushSun Moon
DzyarzhynskSun Moon
HlybokayeSun Moon
Homyel’Sun Moon
Horad BarysawSun Moon
Horad ZhodzinaSun Moon
HorkiSun Moon
HrodnaSun Moon
IvatsevichySun Moon
KalinkavichySun Moon
KalodzishchySun Moon
KobrynSun Moon
KrychawSun Moon
LidaSun Moon
LuninyetsSun Moon
Lyepyel’Sun Moon
MahilyowSun Moon
MaladzyechnaSun Moon
MalinovkaSun Moon
Mar’’ina HorkaSun Moon
MastySun Moon
MazyrSun Moon
MinskSun Moon
NavahrudakSun Moon
NavapolatskSun Moon
Novoye MedvezhinoSun Moon
OrshaSun Moon
PastavySun Moon
PinskSun Moon
PolatskSun Moon
PruzhanySun Moon
RahachowSun Moon
RechytsaSun Moon
SalihorskSun Moon
ShchuchinSun Moon
SlonimSun Moon
SlutskSun Moon
Smarhon’Sun Moon
StowbtsySun Moon
SvyetlahorskSun Moon
VawkavyskSun Moon
VilyeykaSun Moon
VitebskSun Moon
ZhlobinSun Moon