Moon phase and times of moonrise and moonset

We can calculate the moonrise, moonset, the moon phase, visible surface of the moon and its distance from the earth for almost any place on Earth and for any date of the year. Select date and a place and see the results.

London, 20 February 2018

Visible moon surface :
Age :
5 days
Distance to Earth :
378062 km
Moon phase :
Waxing Moon
  Moonrise Moonset
UTC time:
Moonrise :
Moonset :
Azimuth - Moonrise :
Azimuth - Moonset :
Moon phase:

- Moonrise can take place after the moonset.
- Moonrise or moonset does not occur in the particular date and / or location. Both situations are pretty normal.
- The azimuth (0°-360°) is a horizontal angular measurement. The azimuth is the angle between the north vector and the projection of the star or moon down onto the horizon, e.g. if the moon is exactly on the east, then its azimuth is exactly 90°.

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